February 2022. As of this month we are proud to announce our bigger, better and stunning new Motorsports garage. We have managed to find the perfect place for our Marbella car club, race team, workshop and car hotel. Right in the hotspot of where it all happens for anyone that likes super cars, sports cars, racing and luxury cars. With almost 3000 square meters of shiny grey floor space, we are probably one of the largest facilities for petrolheads in Marbella or even the Costa del Sol. The project includes the building of a large hospitality members area, the workshop, offices for our team as well as for our members and a huge, secure storage / car hotel. In simple words: heaven for anyone that loves cars and racing.

I would like to thank our customers, sponsors, members and race team. It is because of you we have been able to start this project and make it happen. It will be the place for all of us to meet people, do business and have fun.

Elger Bouwman
Marbella Motorsports