Enjoy your Sportscar during a Masterclass

Masterclass trackday We know you love your car and like the idea of racing. We do as well. Allthough, we totally understand that taking your sportscar to a race track can be a trade off between keeping it safe and getting to know the limits of the car. To damage the car on a race […]

We have landed in Marbella!

Last Friday we have absolutely rocked the place!! It was the official opening of our garage and car club in Marbella. Inside we had the Wall st. Band playing, a DJ, the bar was open, a lot of supercars, race cars and about 350 people joining us to make it a party never to forget. […]

3000m² in Marbella!

February 2022. As of this month we are proud to announce our bigger, better and stunning new Motorsports garage. We have managed to find the perfect place for our Marbella car club, race team, workshop and car hotel. Right in the hotspot of where it all happens for anyone that likes super cars, sports cars, […]

We’ve created a monster!

2022 could not have started any better! The Marbella Car Club was launched on the 3rd of January and has gone absolutely wild ever since. We have welcomed a large number of club members and at the same time started the building project to create THE MOST AWESOME clubhouse and garage on the Costa del […]

Trackday Circuito Mike G Guadix – Saturday January 29th 2022

For who: members only Price: 200€ Shared technical support:75€ (roadcars) • 175€ (racecars) Drivers coaching: 25€ per 30 minutes Transport of your car: limited availability   We are going to the extremely exciting, technical and twitchy circuit of Guadix! Please sign up for the day and get the most out of your car and yourself. […]

Welcome to Marbella Motorsports!

And welcome to this first blog post. My name is Elger Bouwman, I am the founder of the company and the carclub. Let me first introduce our team. Steven Berndtson has been working for MM since the start in 2019 and is responsable for the racing division. Steven has been in racing all his life, […]