Masterclass trackday

We know you love your car and like the idea of racing. We do as well. Allthough, we totally understand that taking your sportscar to a race track can be a trade off between keeping it safe and getting to know the limits of the car. To damage the car on a race track is not an option, but on the road its almost impossible to rev the engine to its limits. Even to try the most extreme race mode your car has, probably is not the best idea on a public road. You simply need a race track on a private trackday with only a few cars on track.

We created just the perfect day. To try your car on track in a very safe environment. We have invited like-minded people, similar sportscars and all the assistance you need to keep you and your car going. We call it the Masterclass.

The 10th of April is our first Masterclass in Guadix. A full day of tracktime, just for us.

What will it be like?

You can drive your car in a little more than 2 hours from Marbella to the race track in Guadix, or have it transported on our truck. At arrival we will have a coffee first and listen to the tips and tricks the owner of the race track has to tell. After the instructions and safety briefing, we will get in the cars and start doing some laps. At first, we will be following one of the instructors to find out about the perfect lines of the track. After that everyone can go by themselves and practice. Instuctors will be available all day long to join you in the car and improve your skills and get to know your car better. At lunch time we get together as a group again, to share experiences and have the instructors give more ideas and improvements for the afternoon session. The whole afternoon will be ‘open pitlane’ with very few cars on track. You will have all the time and space on track to get te best out of the day.

If anything happens to your car, we will have our mechanics and tools ready to get you back on track as quick as possible.

Prepare your car

To be sure your car is ready for the Masterclass, don’t hesitate to come by our garage for a check. We will look at the basics like brakes, tires and fluids. But also we can help you to setup the suspension of the car for the race track, protect the paint or replace your rubber brakelines for metal ones.

At the end of the day the winner is the one that had the most fun!

Please subscribe for the Masterclass here and pay up front in the  garage. Be quick, because the number of cars is very limited.