Experience Pure Extreme Performance with the New Radical SR10 XXR

Get behind the wheel of ultimate performance with the new Radical SR10 XXR. Embrace a thrilling ride, as this revolutionary car takes you to unprecedented levels on any track day experience or motorsport country club outing.

Featuring long-life 425BHP RPE-Ford EcoBoost engine and Hewland gearbox technology, it delivers more power and torque than ever before – allowing for maximum traction at every turn! And that’s not all: stay in control effortlessly thanks to its innovative LCD multi-page display with real time data + optional electronic power steering feature. Get ready for an adrenaline rush like never before when you choose Radical SR10XXR!

The SR10 has been a massive success for Radical Motorsports, racing to the title of fastest-selling car in their legacy. Featuring cutting edge bodywork such as carbon fiber front louvres and diffuser, the new incredible SR10 XXR is no doubt the most popular choice among automotive enthusiasts who demand performance beyond compare. Don’t miss this one of kind opportunity to experience superior handling and pulse pounding acceleration with every drive in your very own Radical SR10 XXR!